Winter Storm Senex

Winter Storm Shatters My Reality | Senex Petrovic

Winter Storm Shatters My Teality | Senex Petrovic | NFT-Collections | Winter Storm shatters my reality | Senex Petrovic | NFT-Collections We live in a stranger universe than we imagined, and when we begin to unveil the mystery we begin to see a new reality, but as we do so, both realities coexist, allowing us to contrast between madness and sanity, then we will have to decide what is real and what is unreal, what is sanity and what is madness.

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Artists, collaborators, consultants, artistic expressions Independent artists, we are a group of creators and innovators, always with new ideas, always focused on art, on the expressions of the human being, either in his daily life or in his conception of the world.El Greco once said “Art is everywhere you look for it; hail the twinkling

A Vida é Bela | Senex Petrovic

A Vida é Bela | Senex Petrovic

It’s about enjoying, feeling, living fully? While we find out we will do it

A baby peacefully enjoying a rest, while imagining life in a different way and capturing it with his own senses.

Vertigo | Senex Petrovic

Vertigo | Senex Petrovic
One of the pleasures of our youth is discovery, sometimes we discover things that are not so pleasant for us, but when we are young sometimes it is a challenge that we gladly accept, sometimes the vertigo can be pleasurable, sometimes not, but we won’t discover it until we live it to the full.

Mint Caramel | Senex Petrovic

Mint Caramel | Senex Petoriv

Childhood, linked to our best memories, learning and recollections. Everything looks bright and colourful, and when the adrenaline is pumping everything is always more euphoric and pleasurable.