Digital Art | Where’s my Token?

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Digital art for collectors: a personalized digital art that portrays Joe Biden Meme, Biden staring off into space, Where’s my token? Represents those who have lost their cryptocurrency wallets.

The video is a MP4, 1920 by 1080 pixels, 60 frames/second, High Profile, MPEG-4 AAC, no sound. The original image is provided as well, images PNG and JPEG, 3.8MB, 2000x pixels, 300 dots per inch.
The image is PNG of 2438 by 1698 pixels at 300 dots oper inch

A dark electoral banner with Biden showing himself as many visualize him, staring blankly and not at his best. This image recalls US President hated by many and acclaimed by many others, which came to change the course of the United States with his so called and controversial “Unity”.

The image was a known meme (appropriation rights) from the year 2021. The original belongs to public pictures from the Press, this is only a modified version as Collectors Digital Art | NFT Meme.

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