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Arcane Zero | La Fuente | Tarot Atlante

Digital art for collectors: a personalised digital art that portrays the origin of the universe and all of existence, it is an esoteric image that shows the tree of life inserted in nature.

A dark painting with a woman in a cross position, with oil tints on canvas. The image is a cover created to be used in a collection of digital tarot cards, the zero arcanum or the source, some people use this idea for the 22nd Arcanum, but as the source of all things it contains all the other cards.

Woman being born from a Sunflower The Paleolithic Venus – The Source of All Things – God – The Creator – The Big Bang – Gaia – The Mother of Existence – Abundance – Nature – The Uncreated – The Universal Womb – The Tree of Life

Cover for Arcanum 0 | The fountain Senex Petrovic 2020 | Tarot Atlante | Atlantean Tarot

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