Tarot Atlante Cards – Arcane IX

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Tarot IX – El Despertar – Tarot Atlante 

The tarot depicts Diogenes of Sinope, Greek philosopher known as The Cynic, with his phrase “Find me an honest man”, represents a beggar, surrounded by animals that follow him without expecting anything, justice is appreciated in the background, and a full moon, Diogenes carries a lamp while exclaiming “only one, a good man”, referring to the “human” condition, we are all bad either by will or by omission. He remembers our inner soul, looking for us in the darkness of the night, away from the light, illuminating the shadows, crying out for the human being. Tarot 9 is the Ninth Sphere, the ninth planet Uranus, considered in ancient times as the husband of Gaia, that is, the spiritual part of the earth, from Greek Ouranos literally “heaven in the sky”, also for Uros + Anus (Sacral misteries), Dante Alighieri associates it with the vision of God in the ninth sphere, the destiny through which every living being has to pass to free his soul from this chain of concentric circles that is life on earth. The ninth sphere is associated with the work of the Kundalini, work with water and fire, transmutation through fire, the transmutation of our sins – vices – mental blocks – psychopathies – until reaching mental freedom, the awakening. Arcanum IX | Senex Petrovic 2020 | Atlantean tarot.

Atlantean Tarot cards – It is a redesign that is under development – It takes up the esoteric origins of the Arcane, which is known to come from ancient writings prior to Rome, Greece, Egypt, and even Babylon, where a hidden knowledge is recorded, therefore, that person introduced to the knowledge of the Arcane, the chests, the sacred trunks that protect the wisdom and hidden inheritance, for the few, that must be kept secret to avoid being repudiated. He who knows the Arcane is also known to be an Initiate. It is known that few initiates have existed in history, although all the connoisseurs are initiates, only some wield deeper knowledge and deliver to humanity, usually known are The Great Initiates. The Arcana are also related to the Archons, those scholars who control wealth, regulate society from sitting on dark desks, beings that go unnoticed but control the world, the Archons are psychologically related to mental blockages, locks and Psychological contracts, which make us live complex lives, generate family constellations and most of us know them as the agents of Karma, if we review history, they were protected in old Egypt, as agents of the book of the dead, the judges of life and death, the Judges of Karma that make us return miserably again and again on the wheel of Samsara, those judges impart justice but is liked to our own lack or abundance of knowledge or freedom given by our consciousness state. Some say that it is necessary to know the mysteries of the arcane, if we want to get out of the subjugation of our own unconsciousness. This Tarot revolutionises the traditional meaning of the cards, showing us in a direct way, the hidden knowledge, it is planned on several conscious levels, on the material plane it offers us attractive images from the collector’s point of view, from the mental plane it offers us a shock to consciousness, which allows us to rethink the meaning of our own existence, and from the spiritual plane offers us the feeling that allows us to know if we are near or far from our own spiritual gonad, inner self, higher self, the soul or our inner spiritual being . The pieces will have an intrinsic value, so they are all equally valuable, however, according to our affinities, we may find a greater attraction to certain cards, either because of their message, because of their symbolism or because they attract us unconsciously. Let us work within ourselves to be able to capture greater successes in this life, feel Full and Satisfied of our existence.

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