Primordial Waters | 2021 © Senex Petrovic

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Primordial Waters | (Inspired by Nirma Favela)

The Primordial Waters, The Chaos, the universal higher spiritual being, is from where everything created and to be created exists, in a single moment beyond space and time. The primordial waters exist in all myths and historical antecedents, and correspond to the most important of all the archetypes of Jung’s Collective Unconscious, a reflection of the questions that we all secretly ask ourselves,

Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going to?.

It is the hidden faith in every human being, beyond his ideology or religious belief, and it is the response from our conscience that asks us to “live” as long as there is life, because afterwards we do not know, and we do not dare to ask, or perhaps we do.

Digital Art | PNG Original 3280×4240 300dpi The Primordial Waters | Digital Art Printing | Year 2021

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