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Gioconda Arcturiana is a version of the La Gioconda | Monna Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, Italian Renaissance artist (1452-1519). Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, originally from Florencia, Italy, apparently had as one of his obsessions to recreate over and over again the painting of the Mona Lisa, by his own hand and / or by that of his apprentices, all of whom had the classic virtuosity of the great painters. The Mona Lisa is said to be a painting inspired by the Italian noblewoman Lisa Gherardini, wife of Francesco del Giocondo, hence the painting’s name.

This is a restored, colored, enhanced version, depicting La Monna Lisa with extraterrestrial features, typical of the Arcturian or Andromedan races. Based on Leonardo’s original paintings and his artistic heritage.

Analysis of Da Vinci’s paintings has shown that the painter used to generate encrypted messages in his works, one of which apparently is the figure of an extraterrestrial entity with a Papal Miter, another fact that I have found is that the eyes do not match and have no resemblance to reality, Monna Lisa’s eyes seem to be in an inverted position, so this version places them inverted, revealing the image of a being that cannot be classified as terrestrial.

Based on:

Leonardo’s Monna Lisa at Louvre Museum
Color restoration by AI Remini based on the Prado Museum’s ‘copy’

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