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Pandemonium | My tribute to Francisco de Goya and his masterful work “Saturn Devouring His Son”

Pandemonium | My tribute to Francisco de Goya and his masterful work “Saturn Devouring His Son”.

The work evokes the Roman Saturn, Greek Chronos, who feared being annihilated by his children, he then ends up devouring them at his birth, remissive of animal instincts.

Chronos, Saturn, are time, devouring us after birth, in an endless cycle of births and deaths, birth guarantees you a certain death over time, understanding that a life can seem extremely long, however for the one who is at the end, everything will seem like a blink of the eye, that is the duration of a life, a blink, time catches us and we are captives, it devours us. The human being is tied to time, but only as long as it determines it, when our inner spark is freed from its chains, time ceases to exercise the same rigour.

Saturn is also the planet, a symbol of taciturn times, Saturn houses the forces that sustain us in this vain three-dimensionality, they are the judges and rulers that make the gears of the human machinery move, granting us industrialised lives, the hard and last end would be to give us a enslaved life, with strict rules, keeping our psyches encapsulated and lacking of all conscience.

That image that you observe is the reflection of your conscience, being devoured by the marketing, the medical vials, the medicine devoid of life, the genetised foods, the false information, and the manipulative means, the mechanicality of life, the mental confinement, the distancing of your heart and ultimately the trans humanism, delivering your will and your free will to beings and machines controlled by Dark Matter, the maximum Artificial Intelligence devoid of all life, the maximum Tulpa contained on planet earth.

What Is delivered:

Pandemonium Image PNG, 2688×4032 pixels, 300 dpi,
Pandemonium Image PNG, 1365×2048 pixels, 300 dpi,
Pandemonium Framed Image PNG, 3641×4847 pixels, 300 dpi,
Pandemonium Framed Image PNG, 1863×2480 pixels, 300 dpi

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