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MAD About Vaccines Pandemic Special Edition – Wuhan Madness, the next is the original 2020 Meme, included on purchase.

This is a compendium of images from this 2 years on Pandemics in the World, many stories to tell, may sadness and madness. What is behind the Corona plandemics? Discover the true hidden on the goofy image. Collectors mosaic, and original Meme included.

A Mad Magazine Front Cover Meme, A photo mosaic made from thousands of images related to the Pandemic season, yet to continue.

What’s included: *Mosaic image, made by 9000 Tiles, Public domain images from the Pandemics, with 68 cols x 133 rows and an small yellow frame in 20 pixels, Mosaic image type JPEG, 8947×11666 pixels, 300 dpi, jpeg compression 85%, 37.3 Megabytes. *Original Meme, Jul 2020, MadGatesagazine01.png, PNG Image, 1482×1920 pixels, 300 dpi.

Photo Mosaic made on Mazaika professional version, Magazine is just a collection cover meme, not an official version.

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