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Leonardo Da Vinci, working in his attic, watching himself in the mirror, while he sketches a self-portrait, which he would never finish.

Much is said about Leonardo Da Vinci, about his strength and muscularity, his manhood, his charm with women. But what if he was just an ordinary person? Obviously with clear extraordinary capacities, photographic memory, innate spatial and artistic sense, but not liking his own figure.

Why are there not so many self-portraits of him? Is it possible that he was just a withdrawn person, perfectionist, dedicated to do his work with a sloppy-looking?

His self-portrait, which he would leave in the form of sketches, indicates that he thought of leaving his figure immortalized, and we wonder then, why did he not finish that important painting?

*Moving Da Vinci Video
*Drawing Da Vinci Video
*Drawing Scene Video
*Enhanced slightly colored Da Vinci

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