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A standing monk, with blood on his hands and face while he stares in bewilderment at the conspirators confronting him on a dark street in the darkness of a foggy night. He is not still aware, but his body lies at the bottom of the Moyka River. In the distance the Orthodox church to which he was faithful, despite his contradictory and eventful life.

It is the scene of the crime, in the middle of New Year’s Eve, Rasputin facing his captors, persons unknown, furtive foreigners who attempt against him and his closeness to the Tsar and his regime, not Bolsheviks, but conspirators of foreign interests.

The Tsarist government of Russia was one of the most conservative in Europe. It was one of the few remaining autocracies in which all political power and sovereignty rested with a hereditary monarch, just like Britain and northern Europe. Sadly, Tsarism lasted only 2 month after Rasputin’s death.

Rasputin death | Senex Petrovic | 2021 | Watercolor on paper

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