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Giovanetta, still waiting for you | Senex Petrovic | NFT-Collections

Image taken from an early photograph, enhanced and colourised, Jeune Fille Giovanetta (French) | A young girl Giovanetta

#Historyliveson. An exotic young lady from Oromo Ethiopia. A daring French traveler who may have traveled across the Ethiopian territory in the 1940s has also recorded this telling image of a young Oromo lady from Arsi and left it into the hands of history… Original Photo uploaded by Azeb Ataro in Pinterest Even when photograph is marked as belonging to 1940’s it was pointed out as one of the early photographs of Africans in the early 1890’s

Oromo people The Oromo are a Cushitic ethnic group and nation native to Ethiopia and Kenya who speak the Oromo language as their mother tongue, which is part of the Cushitic branch of the Afroasiatic language family. They are the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia and represent 34.5% of Ethiopia’s population.

Dedicated to Lyzbeth
Technique Collage of Paper, Oil on Canvas and Digital Artwork | Senex Petrovic | 2021

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