Dalí & James – “The Reunion”

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Dalí & James – “The Reunion” – Senex Petrovic

‘ You Stubborn, Greedy Opportunist, You Never Came Back!” Edward William Frank James (1907-1984)

“Edward James is crazier than all the surrealists put together. They pretend, but he is the real thing” Salvador Dalí (1904-1989)

Digital Art – Watercolor – Senex Petrovic 2021 – Based on:

Self-portrait of Salvador Dalí – Black and white, and
Edward James Photography – Black and White
Natural landscape Las Pozas, Xilitla, SLP, Mexico

The painting contains an emotional memory of Edward James himself, known as a British poet who promoted and financed many artists in the field of surrealist art in the last century, among them the Spanish Salvador Dalí, a strong friendship developed between the results.

This painting as such did not exist, since shortly after Dalí and James lived together in their youth, they separated, something is said that due to marital issues, because of which Edward James divorces.

Edward James acquired a very large property among the tropical jungle of San Luis Potosí, Mexico, in the town of Xilitla, on the property that he called “Las Pozas”, it is said that many surrealist artists paraded, it is said that in those meetings there were all kinds of exhortations including political and socialist ones, but above all, they were artists who had no ties so psychotropic substances also flowed freely.

“I don’t use drugs. I am drugs” -Salvador Dalí

Edward James does not have as such works of art of his own authorship, but as collaborations with many of those artists, he called himself a poet, and has in his repertoire hundreds or thousands of pages of writings that were not published.

Above all, his art was captured as a surrealist sculpture in concrete, and it remained as an architectural heritage, well known as a tourist walk. It is said that Edward James walked au naturel through his property, so its architecture was known as “El Castillo del Inglés”, part of its concrete sculptures were demolished, but the town is in charge of renovating them and enlarging the one known as “Jardin Escultorico Edward James”.

The painting recalls the Englishman Edward William Frank James and highlights his friendship with Dalí, and captures that longed-for reunion in the Huasteca jungle that never happened, but that perhaps Sir Edward James longed for in his lonely hours. Only the word Poet was sculpted on the grave of Edward James, this painting is in honor of that friendship between the two famous Dalí and James, and takes into account that: “A life told is a life lived.”

Dalí & James – “The Reunion” – Senex Petrovic

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