Plasma UFO México May 2020

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NFT-Collection | UFO SkyWatch 2020-05-07

Javier Ruiz Relates: While I was filming my usual shots of very bright stars, I was filming the planet Venus, which when approaching the horizontal begins to see larger and brighter, with flashes of colors, and you could see a star that was blinking above Venus.

I noticed that below towards the lower left, to the West a very bright object appeared, colored, more than anything Gold, with reddish and white flashes, which was fixed on the horizon, I continued filming for a few moments.

“What is it? I have to move the camera! “

The object was still, but it looked like some kind of ship, the object was observed almost on the horizon, very little above the bushes, so I decided to quickly moved to a closer and higher part of 40 meters and zoom in.

… “to the right is Venus, to the left! …” (surprise) “What is it?”

I made a couple of whistles, an owl comes to greet me, it is heard in the background .. I replied the greeting twice.

“I’m going to take a photo!” (Still shots)

The object begins to move from east to west, in the form of an inverted elliptical downwards, it descends and stays fixed for a few seconds and then continues advancing up the elliptical and moves away and loses itself behind the mountains of Santa Catarina “

It is impossible to know what type of object it was, but it must have been 20 to 30 meters wide, at least, since, despite not being able to locate in the dark, its location is not known, but when moving the circle it draws It is first descending, close to the surface and then ascending towards the hill, descending behind it, so it must have been at least 2 kilometers away, which is where it hides behind the mountain.

Filming location: Google Maps
Source location: Google Maps
Location when descending after the mountain: Google Maps

The filming is a compendium of clippings and close-ups of the original video and still-shot photography. Canon EOS Rebel T7 digital camera, Telephoto 70-300 mm.

There are no retouching of images or video, only close-ups. The original video and copyrights shared with the original owner are sent upon the purchase. Video 7 minutes, 854×476, Type Mp4, Quicktime, H.264 Codec, 945 kbps, Audio Stereo 48Mz

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