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One of the most famous quotes in history, “God does not play dice with the universe.”, By Albert Einstein, contrasting by the common believe that Einstein indeed not believed in the existence of a God, but in science, what scientists often confuse, is that science is a type of religion, made up of beliefs, cultural heritages, most unproven scientific facts, traditions, practical theories and supported by results that make it consistent or coherent, such as a Religion, Cult or Sect. By Descartes, dissecting a frog does not make you a scientist.

This is a Digital Collage composition of one of the most famous pictures in Pixabay, by Free-Photos. #NFT #Nifty #DigitalArtWork #SenexPetrovic

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  • God Does Play Image PNG, 3946×2517 pixels, 300 dpi,
  • God Does Play Image PNG, 2480×1582 pixels, 300 dpi.

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