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Mirror’s Warhol Effect | NFT-Collections

The lack of symmetry is essential to understand a face or an object when it is captured on canvas. Our own face has high symmetry at the same time, however the lack of symmetry is what allows us to recognise people, facts such as cosmetic surgery can have the effect that we do not recognise certain individuals who, although in more beautiful faces, no longer coincide with the mental image that we have formed about them.

The lack of symmetry of the face can also denote a degeneration of DNA, having a degenerative effect, on the skin and tissue regeneration, other body failures such as high pressure or vascular diseases, thrombosis or autoimmune or degenerative diseases linked to adverse drug reactions or Commonly linked to old age, can also bring with them a facial paralysis such as Bell’s Palsy.

Animated GIF image that shows the different symmetrical perspectives of the same face. By Senex Petrovic, Digital Oil at the pure Andy Warhol’s Style. Animated Gif and GIF Transitions effects made on lunapic.com #NFT #Nifty #JoeBiden #BellsPalsy #Simmetry

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