Maurice White Tribute Artwork By Senex Petrovic

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Maurice White Tribute Artwork | NFT-Collections

FosterChallenge #DonationCampaign is encouraging Americans to raise $ 1 for each of the nation’s 500,000 foster youth.

This tribute ArtWork will be donated to the “Music is Unity” and, if sold, will be transferred as a donation to the non-profit organisation MUI, a non-profit focused on helping young people succeed in their transition out of the foster system .

This artwork, being a donation, does not require copyright and is only promoted as an altruistic, non-profit work, in the same way the payment may be declared as a donation before the tax authorities that require it. The author is not part of the MUI organization and does not reserve any copyright, the buyer would be the sole owner of the NFT Token at the time of the purchase/donation.

For more information go to If you are a representative of NGO MUI, you can communicate with the author by this means or request the transfer of the NFT Digital Asset without any charges by this same means.

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